New England v Buffalo - 01/15/2022


Buffalo, NY

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Before January 15, 2022, no team in pro football history played a game with no field goals, turnovers, or punts. It was and is the Perfect Game.

Buffalo converted 6/7 third downs, gained yards in 49/51 plays, was the first to score a TD in our first seven playoff possessions, the second to score a TD on seven straight possessions, plus its QB threw 5 TDs and had 0 interceptions.

Where were you that day? Commemorate the Perfect Game with a custom souvenir from Went.

This souvenir ticket was designed by Jarek Pulit whose portfolio can be seen here.

Benefiting The Patricia Allen Fund

Each purchase of this custom ticket supports The Patricia Allen Fund. 10% of each sale is donated to this worthy organization doing good work in its community.

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