Went is made by fans for fans.

Founded in Buffalo, NY by huge fans of professional football and great live music, Went is made for fans and by fans.

The fan experience matters. Whether you’ve got seats on the 50-yard line or you’re catching a game at your favorite football backer bar with a group of friends, your memories are valuable and worth commemorating. Went’s custom souvenir tickets validate and celebrate the fan experience.

Went's custom souvenir tickets provide a new way to memorialize concerts, games, performances, and other once-in-a-lifetime events. Our artist-designed souvenir tickets serve as a badge of passion, dedication, and inclusion within the fan community.

Each purchase allows Went to make a donation to a charity that fans can get behind. Through this effort, Went is excited to partner with worthwhile organizations doing good work in their communities. See a full list of our charity partners below.

Went’s Charity Partners

The Patricia Allen Fund

How Went Happened

Went was born from the mind of a start-up guy who's been dreaming up big ideas since he was a tyke. Passionate about all things sports, Went made his long list of potential business ideas way back in 2016. The increasing excitement for Buffalo’s current football lineup inspired him to dig in and bring Went to life in time for the 2022/23 season.

A superfan of sports and music, Went’s founder wants fans to celebrate and commemorate their most iconic games and best live shows with a custom souvenir ticket. Went provides today’s fans and future generations with everything a ticket stub once offered but in a more modern, durable, and collectible format.

General Disclaimer

Persons, Places and Events - The information contained in this commemorative item are not intended and should not be inferred to identify actual persons, entities, organizations, associations, places, buildings, products, events, images or likenesses of any kind or nature. Any reference or identification otherwise is unintentional and not intended.

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